The Magic Glasses

One day I was walking in the forest and I found a pair of glasses. The glasses weren’t just any silly pair of glasses. They were magic glasses. But the problem was when I put them on nothing happened. All night I was trying to work out how to make the magic happen and then… I found a little bottom so I pressed it and then I put them on and everything changed. All the things were shiny and very magical. After a while I took the glasses off. In the morning I got out of my bed and I went to get the glasses but they were not there. Then I remember they are magical and I found them on the couch.

My dog Scooby

My name is Samara and I have a pet dog called Scooby. Scooby is a very good dog to play with because when you play with him his tail will go up and it looks really, really cute. When his eyes go all round and very black, that’s especially cute. The bad thing about Scooby is that he eats undies and socks but I still love him.  😆



A few weeks ago my dad was weeding around a rose bush and found a bird’s nest. I think the bird that built the nest is called a spotted Pardelot. The nest had three eggs that have now hatched. They’re so cute!

The Time for Christmas

In five weekends my whole family is  going to Tasmania for two weeks, which means we will be in Tasmania for Christmas. My Nanna and Pop live in Hobart. I am so looking forward to spending Christmas with my grandparents.